Supported by progressive technologies we maintain the complete development to delivery process that includes:
Product research and development / Process validations / Testing / Manufacturing / Packaging and labelling / Packing / Shipping and handling / Tracking and delivery.


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All raw materials and packaging components are received and stored in our climate controlled warehouse. Everything received is quarantined in a separate area and released by our Quality Control Lab after all appropriate tests have been successfully completed. All finished products are tightly monitored throughout the release process before shipping.


With separate weigh and blending rooms, we maintain full control over the raw materials used in each batch.


We have fully automatic machines. With substantial in-process checks, we can ensure high quality capsule production within required weight targets.


We have high quality tablet presses supporting a wide range of tablet shapes and sizes. Substantial in-process checks, including hardness, friability and dimension measurements, ensure adherence to strict quality standards for every batch.


We can provide a wide range of clear and color coating options.


Numerous packaging lines provide the flexibility and speed to bottle a wide range of packaging configurations for capsules, tablets and powders.


A team of QC Inspectors closely monitor all processes on a continuous basis, ensuring tight adherence to all environmental and batch process controls. A highly skilled team of Document Control Specialists ensure tight control of all documentation, including SOP’s, batches and all required logs.


Our state-of-the-art Lab has all the capabilities for full raw material, in-process, finished product and stability testing requirements. We do virtually all of our testing in-house, including heavy metal, microbiological and strength/composition tests.